About Morgan Precision Instruments


We became Morgan Precision Instruments in 1999. The name change reflected what had become an expansion of the company’s knowledge and skill sets. As the years have passed, Morgan has progressed from doing primarily template and custom fixed limit gauging to offering a wide range of CNC precision machining options. Our ISO 17025 Accreditation in calibration and dimensional inspection evolved at the behest of our customer base and has expanded our reach and reputation for excellence into a wide array of industries.

Our facility is conveniently located just off Route 77 in Akron, Ohio. (MAP)


Our 17025 Accreditation means that we do understand traceability of measurement. We keep all of our measuring tools used for verification of product calibrated and certified and can offer certified dimensional inspection of a product if required. We are also accredited to perform most machinist tool and industrial dimensional metrology gauge calibrations.

As a custom manufacturer, we treat each customer’s needs as unique and valued. We offer unparalleled customer service and quality assurance.

When you call our offices, you will always speak to an interested and informed professional capable of helping you with your custom gauge, precision CNC machining or inspection needs. We strive to provide you with the quality solutions, timely delivery and superior after care that have impressed, sustained and grown our customer base throughout the years.

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“Perfection is not a little thing”

Our founder, Otello V. Capanna or “Oty” (1895-1972), was born in Italy. He came to the United States from Paris, France, where he was a journeyman in the tool and die trade.

Oty’s passion for his craft (and our business) was captured best in a story he was especially fond of telling. It was about Michelangelo, the famous Italian artist. As the story goes, while Michelangelo was working on the Sistine Chapel, several of his friends came by to ask him to accompany them on a fishing trip. He declined, saying that he had just a few little things to finish on the project. When his friends returned several weeks later, Michelangelo was still at work. When they asked him why he was still working when he had told them he had just a few little things to finish, Michelangelo answered, “I am striving for perfection and perfection is not a little thing.

Like Michelangelo, Oty’s dedication to perfection set his work apart. Years later, that ideal remains foundational to our work at Morgan Precision Instruments.